A meditation room in the home could prove to be beneficial for everyone in the home, not just the one meditating.

Meditation has been used for centuries throughout various religious groups, yogis and is now becoming more popular as today’s world becomes more loud and chaotic. How convenient to have a place in your very own home where you can silence the chaos and become still long enough to bring peace, calm and balance into your life, family and home.

Generally speaking, the meditation’s sacred space will be the smallest space or room in your home, perhaps an alcove, a storage space that can be converted or just a room that may be too small for a bedroom. It will be away from louder parts of the home, not next to a TV room or child’s room. If it is your space, make it sacred. No pets allowed, kids etc etc.

It will contain items that bring you peace, calm and tranquility. If no items or simplicity/minimalism brings peace then it will be no items.

Items it may contain:

  • A candle or incense, either to set an intention or create tranquility through sensory. Many Christians use meditation and incense as an aroma up to Heaven. Whatever you practice with or use meditation for, include the items that are special and necessary for you.
  • There should be something comfortable to sit on, a meditation chair or meditation cushion is great but it can also be as simple as a pillow or blanket.
  • Soft items, or textured items may bring a sense of calm. If so, use them.
  • A journal should be kept in the space for thoughts, impressions, promptings and/or prayers.
  • I recommend keeping a decorative basket in your favorite style filled with items that you need, such as those listed above and anything else you would like to include.

Other items to consider:

  • Tissue, pen, pencil, colored pens or pencils, journal or note cards, cushion, blanket, eye pillow, yoga mat, candle, dimmer light or lamp, beads or malas, bolster and chair.

If meditation begins as a challenging practice, stick with it I promise it’s worth it! Begin sitting on a blanket, against the wall for support of the spine as your posture can become depressed/concave and back pain can set in if you are not careful in the beginning. You can also meditate lying down but I would highly recommend seated as the spine is supple while the lungs and rib cage are open for relaxed breathing.

Everyone will benefit from you meditating but you will benefit the most. Meditation will bring balance, patience, optimism and create an overall sense of well-being.

Blessings and Namaste, Michelle

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