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In your area? Contact Michelle to guest instruct at your studio.

January 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Fire Victim Mission



Carlsbad, CA

Leadership and How We Love Retreat


March 13-20

Atlanta, GA

Lead Trainer, YogaFaith Teacher Training


March 23-28

Fort Lauderdale to Cruise

YogaFaith Cruise



Seattle, WA

Lead Trainer, YogaFaith 500 Hour Master Training




Lead Trainer, YogaFaith Yin Teacher Training



Online Co-Host

YogaFaith Adaptive Training


May 17-24

Chicago, IL

Lead Trainer, YogaFaith Teacher Training

Special Event with DJ T


July  19-25

Atlanta, GA

YogaFaith 500 Master Teacher Training Week One


September 30 – October 6

Atlanta, GA

YogaFaith 500 Master Teacher Training Week Two


October 11-18

Tacoma, WA

Lead Trainer 200 Hour Teacher Training



February 1-3

Carlsbad, CA

Leadership Training, Retreat




Italian Retreat and Meditation/Nidra

More to come!



Michelle is an international speaker, Yoga Presenter, Humanitarian and author of Stretching Your Faith, as well as a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer, Michelle has been instrumental in aiding with the restoration of those who suffer from trauma, intense anxiety or depression into healing and freedom. She travels the globe assisting traffick victims in finding healing, wholeness and purpose. She is an active ambassador with Shared Hope International, an organization that rescues and aids in human traffick victims as young as 4 years old.

Michelle is a a Registered Yoga Trainer with over 25,000 teaching hours under her belt. Her Yoga Alliance School YogaFaith has trained up hundreds of yogi’s with an in-depth and comprehensive education as well as leadership skills to reach their destiny and leave the world a better place! She holds certifications with Yoga Alliance, American Council of Exercise, is a Stress Specialist, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer, and Certified in 12 Step and Recovery to name a few. She travels globally teaching and presenting as well as offering numerous continued education course.

If you need an enthusiastic, empowering, energetic and encouraging speaker or if she is in your area, please contact her to guest teach.

To schedule her as a speaker or presenter,

Email: schedule@michellethielen.com

Read some of her work at:

YogiAprroved.com, Gaia.com, Yoga Journal, Faith and Fitness or Seattle Yoga News.

Active Presenter at:

Soul Pose, Yoga Journal Events, TulaFest, Yoga Rocks the Park, The Yoga Expo, Women Empower , Yoga Alliance and many more.

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