What is YogaFaith?

YogaFaith was born out of a 21 day fast that founder Michelle Thielen embarks on at the beginning of every year.

God led her to Mark 12:30. “Worship the Lord with all your might, with all your strength, with all your being.”

YogaFaith is a Christian Yoga Educator, specializing in Christ centered foundational and specialty programs, from 25-1000 hour certification.

The gold standard is our foundational 100 hour and 200 hour to begin your yoga journey and become a Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT, able to teach yoga and YogaFaith anywhere in the world.

YogaFaith also offers a 300 hour (added to your previous 200 hour) / 500 hour Master Certification or a number of Specialty Trainings.

 YogaFaith celebrates our 9th anniversary in 2022!


To train, equip, resource, and empower the body of Christ to fulfill their unique God given purpose; and to live successful Christian lives through the power of the Holy Spirit!


To create a global community of Yoga Faith ambassadors and instructors who will fulfill the great commission of making disciples throughout the earth.


To provide a world class training experience for our students and to foster a culture of excellence in everything we do, so that our internal and external customers feel loved, supported, and encouraged to fulfill their unique God given purpose and calling.

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What We Believe

At YogaFaith, we want to intimately connect people to Christ; mind, body, spirit, and soul. We strive to train up world class leaders as well as redeem biblical principles for God’s glory. Our teachings are centered on the Bible, the complete and authoritative Word of God acts as our guide in all that we do and seek. (Mark 12:28­32, Isaiah 61).


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The Benefits of Nidra Meditation in Yoga Therapy

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The Benefits of Nidra Meditation in Yoga Therapy by Nicole McCray Of course, all yoga has the potential to be therapeutic and healing. But yoga therapy utilizes specific yogic tools - postures, meditation, Nidra, breathwork, and more – to address the client’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Yoga therapists receive specialized training that helps them assess their clients. They work with the client to address specific goals while considering any physical or mental limitations. While everyday stress and pain can be addressed in a regular yoga class, yoga therapy is [...]

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